Friday, July 24, 2009

Boyfriend Jeans... Friend or Foe?

I swore up and down that this would not be a trend I would follow. What woman would want to lose her beautiful shape in a baggy, shapeless jean?? Have you seen asses on women that wear those jeans? I didn't think so because their boyfriend jeans ate it!! Not only that, the whole "destruction process" that jean makers use on jeans annoys me greatly. Why people? Why are you paying good money for jeans that are ripped and torn? Shouldn't you be the one to do that on your own? As most of us know, when a jean tears, the holes become bigger and bigger with each wash and wear. It never stops, and then you ultimately end up with a hole exposing one side of your ass cheek.

I'm 5'6" and 115 lbs. I'm in my mid 20s and could pull off this look with a feminine button down, cute belt, and some great strappy shoes. Do I want to? I'm fighting so hard to not give in, but I can't help but think: "These women look ultra comfortable in those jeans. They can board flights and walk off and not have to worry about adjusting their tight spandex jeans!"

Many celebrities are bringing on this trend, Katie Holmes in particular. She was wearing the boyfriend jeans shopping, eating, after her dance practice, picking up Suri. Charlize Theron was spotted wearing these jeans, and oddly enough, she made them look so effortless-chic. This is surprising considering that the boyfriend jeans have no shape whatsoever! Rachel Bilson has been seen in them carrying her AG Adriano Goldschmeid description description

I was adamantly against this awful trend until I stumbled upon the Gap Boyfriend Jeans. I am one to buy J Brand, Seven for All Mankind, Citizen, etc so Gap was an unexpected twist to my jean collection.

As soon as I walked into the store they instantly caught my eye. Here were these beautiful jeans hanging on the rack unlike all the other jeans. They were baggier with more room for my restaurant addiction but not too baggy like we were going back to the JNCO days! They had straight legs with rolled cuffs. The blue was a faded blue with a worn-in comfort appeal. They were calling my name, and I responded. Thank goodness I did.

I couldn't find my size and was severely disappointed. Judging from the three pairs left, I felt that these jeans weren't only calling my name, they were calling so many other women as well. The woman at the store told me to find a size down on the jeans because they were loser fitting jeans, obviously like mens' jeans. I did so, and found that they are so great. They are form fitting enough to see my butt and it hugs my thighs, yet loose enough to breathe. I glanced in the mirror and thought, "This is hideous! Why would people want this much whiskering on their jeans?? Wouldn't this accentuate the thighs and hips?" But the more I kept glancing, the more it grew on me. I am annoyed that they have rips and holes in them (part of that destruction process), but I don't think that these jeans would look right without it. I had this notion that jeans were only suppose to be sold on racks when they have passed the flawless and perfection test: I have since then, given that up. These jeans screamed character.They fit like I have owned this pair and have worn it forever!

I am now living in these jeans. Forget all those skinny cigarette jeans holed up in my closet. I can bend and move in these and not have to worry about my pot belly stomach after a huge hearty meal. I can relax in these with them rolled up just slightly above my ankle and roll the cuffs down to make a straight leg jean and dress them up. Hell, I can even dress them up with the cuffs rolled up. I have found my ultimate pair of jeans.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I just ordered the Sam Edelman "Phallon" Boots from Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale! I can't find them anywhere else online, and I got them for $199+ tax! All the prices will go up after Aug 3 so if you're a fan of handbags and shoes, head over there!! I didn't want to buy the whiskey brown color since I have 3 pair of boots in that color, but I did buy black. Black wasn't sold online so I headed on over to Nordstrom's store where I got sucked into their sale!! Select handbags and shoes are ridiculously cheap compared to the their normal prices. Go online and shop their catalog to see what they have to offer. I also advise you to actually peruse around in their store as well. (Don't do this unless you're ready to fork over some cash because the deals are too good to pass up.) I know that finding things for the fall/winter in the summer sounds ridiculous when you're sweating up a storm just getting out of your front door to your car, but I can tell you that you will regret it if you don't!

Anyway, getting on to this beautiful piece of art I call the boot: When I arrived, I had found out that size 8 sold out in two days!! I'm normally a size 7, but I always wear 8 in boots. The guy helping me told me that Sam Edelman boots usually are true to size so I went ahead and told him to bring me a 7.5 because I like to wear thick socks in the fall/winter. Well, they were out of those too!! I thought my heart was broken until, he told me that he can order them for me. Nordstroms is one of my favorite stores. Their customer service is unsurpassed. If you're not happy with your purchase, bring it back. No questions asked!

I believe I will love these boots! I just wish that there were more reviews!! What a bargain though. Sam Edelman boots usually run about $300-400.

The detailing of these boots are beautiful and you need to see it in person to really appreciate the workmanship on it. The style definitely reminds me of an equestrian style boot but with a little more edge. I love boots like these because they're the most useful and practical piece of fashion! I can wear them over jeans, over leggings for the fall, with tweed skirts, wool skirts, shift dresses! You name it. It adds a little bit of casual cool to any outfit and to any classy woman, that is priceless!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Addicted to Shopping

I have found my true weakness... no thanks to one of my best friends! I am guilty as charged for shopping at Gilt. This website will probably be the death of me. I find it odd that as a person who doesn't really like to shop at stores loves to order things off the internet blindly!! It doesn't make sense. How do you really enjoy buying things when you can't physically see it or try it on?

This website is truly a curse and a God-send. It is an online sample sale that allows people to log on every day at 12p.m Eastern to browse a handful of designers. This happens EVERY DAY, and if no one gets what I'm saying. I mean that your wallet is catastrophically empty! The only way to shop this website is if someone invites you. (Once again, this is either a curse or a God-send) I would bet that most people that love clothes and shoes would want to curse out the friend that gave them the link unless they're infinitely wealthy.

Is it the rush I get when I press on the button and submit my credit card number that makes me addicted to the website? Or the rush that I know that I will purchase the item before the next woman does? I know that there are limited items so if you do not act fast, your precious dress/blouse/pants/jewelery/handbags/housewares will be gone. Doesn't that sound traumatizing? Knowing that if you do not act fast, that once coveted item will be gone in a heartbeat?

The founders of this website hit the jackpot. Alexis and Alexandra... two highly intelligent woman with Harvard MBAs have left many women and men in poverty... Poverty with really nice digs. The poor souls who shop this website probably look at food at the grocery store and tell themselves they don't need to purchase groceries because they could spend that money at Gilt. Gilt has created an addiction to fashion fanatics.

I along with many of my friends stay glued to our computers at 11a.m (central time) just to see what sales are happening that day. Since I do not live in New York, I cannot just skip lunch and head over to the sample sale... it is conveniently and literally placed on my lap with my laptop. All I have to do is press a few buttons, and poof the item is mine.

Now what's the big problem you ask... why are you so broke? If you don't like the item why not exchange it or refund the money? Well, here's the kicker. Shipping is $11. They do combine shipping if you purchase more than one item that day, but usually your purchasing something that probably cost $7 to ship. When you receive your item, you usually have 14 days on some items to return it. Alright now here's another kicker: You can exchange it or only receive a credit. You do not get the refund because these women are smart! Where else can you spend that money? Nowhere because they want you to only shop on their website. Frankly it's genius.

Buyers be ware! Caveat... you will be wanting to poke your eyes out from this website. Some things you can't believe are on their website for so cheap. $400 for a Herve Leger dress? Gilt. $88 J Brand Jeans? Gilt. $255 for Christian Louboutin?? Gilt. You will also want to poke your eyes out so you won't be so addicted to this website. For those that don't have computers at their desk while working, thank your lucky stars.

Remember ladies... as 12p.m Eastern rolls around, turn off your Blackberrys or iPhones... hell anything that receives email alerts. We all unite to stop our bad spending habits and credit card debts! Or we can just purchase these wonderful items and look fabulous.

If you do find yourself in loads of debt, don't say I never warned you.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

World Disasters

After hearing so many days after these natural disasters in Myanmar and in China, I find myself feeling very fortunate that I am not trapped under debris or being hit with torrential downpour after my home and everything I knew had been swept by away by a cyclone.

I just viewed the photo slide show of the aftermath in the earthquake of China's provinces, and all I can feel is a sadness. Mothers crying and fainting knowing their children no more than nine years old had been crushed under the same building that was suppose to nurture them and make them grow, their own school building; nurses begging for people to help uncover children she found trapped under a building; Fathers searching nonstop to find their children; a ten year old losing her leg because she had to have it amputated after rubble shattered her lower leg.

Through devastation, the thing you realize the most in news reels and stories are that nothing really matters. People scatter to find their loved ones to hold onto whatever it is they have left, each other. When one cannot find their son, daughter, mother, father, it leaves the emptiness that is far worse than losing their physical belongings.

It's a tragedy to know that the Military Junta of Myanmar is more concerned with their new constitutional referendum than the people of their own country. Though people are dying, they were more concerned that people would vote to have the military junta stay in power indefinitely. There has not been an election in 18 years! I can't believe that even without homes standing, there are polling booths. Even with a "democratic" system of voting, do these people have a real choice? If you were being controlled by the military is it actually considered freedom? Despite their confusion of chaos they had to go vote. I am probably guessing the aid and food dropped for the people of this country were probably being withheld on the account of bribery and blackmail. Was the cyclone an easy fix to their disarray? What do people have left to care about anyway? This was just another nuisance added to their list and the easiest way to vote was yes. It's what they've known and will know. The constitution passed. Disgusting and vulgar.

And with all the bad, there is some good. I'm happy to know that there are people that do care and offer their help. I thank the doctors that are willing to give up their $100,000 days and go offer their services for those who really need their help for free. For people that donate their blood because they know that it just might help a stranger.

As for politics here in the United States: when so many strange things are happening to this world, why is it that we are still so concerned with backlash at certain presidential hopefuls? I'm growing fatigued talking about whose going to win and what their strategies are and what they're offering. It's a crock of shit and no one will know until November anyway. Talk about something real... what might someone think if one actually held a press conference to discuss the help they could send to people in need in other countries? Could you imagine? Someone actually taking on the role and characteristics of a leader instead of worrying about their heads up their own asses?? That would be the person whom I would choose as my president not the candidates that keep talking about change or the one that keeps jabbing punches from hidden corners and doing absolutely nothing.

As for these superdelegates, make up your damn minds. Quit giving the citizens of America the notion that we actually have a say in what goes on in this country because according to the media and our election system, what we think has no importance. These so called superdelegates keep reigning over press coverage and our system! Did you know that each of the superdelegate's vote is now equivalent to about 10,000 democratic voters? Outrageous.

In all this rage, what I am most thankful for is my family. I keep complaining that I hate it here in this hell hole, and I just might, but I am so very thankful for being here with my family despite all their craziness. I see them alive and well and hope that more people can experience that despite what they might have already lost. My heart goes out to those that are suffering all around the world.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Titles and Tribulations

To all the ladies... I ask you: when does the title "Mrs." become offensive? I keep being referred to as Mrs. Does that mean I'm old? Does it mean that I look like a mother of 3? Is it a title of respect? Has it really come to this? Must I admit to myself that I am no longer the person with all the energy to run a marathon? Who am I kidding I never worked out before anyway. What does the title actually mean?

I can honestly say that I feel a lot older than I look (or think I look). Currently, I am 23 and will be going on to 24 in August. I've felt like 30 for the past two years. I got the partying out of my system a long time ago and left the social scene becoming a lonely mclonster. I can't decide whether or not I enjoy this lifestyle or not. I have always been the type of person to feed energy and receive energy from people in order to survive. Might this be the cause of my referrals to Mrs? Have I come to my worst fear: is there something that says "I'm boring"?

Analyzing myself and this oddness of the title of Mrs... have I lost that spunky attitude or youthfulness that once was so recognizable once before? Have I got crows' feet near my eyes? Do my eyes just scream, "Respect me BIOTCH!! That's Mrs to you!"?

On a last and final note: Aren't Asians suppose to age well? News flash: this one isn't.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Screw the iPod, love the ZUNE

It is time to get with the new and toss out the old. If you have an iPod, you're outdated. Get with the times and buy a zune. If you're a music lover, the Zune Marketplace is for you. At only $15 a month, you can have unlimited downloads to a HUGE library of music. Listen to your heart's content. And just remember, the next time you reach for the iPod, you're a dried up prune that needs to be soaked and rejuiced... Zune is where it's at.